Our Network

We lead the communications of our customers, our points of presence is spread in most cities in Iraq, our engineers used the batter design to build the network infrastructure, the redundancy in network and power is our main goal. We use optical fiber technologies as a main source of our services, and we use main source of our services, and we use VSAT as backup source for our customers.

Our History

We started our business at 2007 as small partner with other companies for internet services, we just focus on growth ,we provided best services to our customers based on quality and stability and our deals based on respect and commitment, and that is the reason that made our great success. Our massive success was when we founded the company as a main ISP in Iraq at 2015, we resolve to achieve better services to our customers, and we chose our employees accurately based on expertise, commitment and attention.

Our Values

  • Responsiboilit :

    Our cutomer depend on us, so that we responsible for our services. We are responsible for whate we say, we learned our employees this words (do not say what you can not to do). We don't support our customer, we are member of them.

  • Integrity :

    We deal with our customers with transparency, fairly and honestly. Our customers trust on us to find to them right answers, not the easy one.

  • Performance :

    We respond with urgency to risks to success. We work continuously to provide better services, every day and at every moment. Our customers depend on us to develop their services to growth their businesses.

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